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The Powerless Rise As I Lay Dying new album May 11, 2010
As I Lay Dying’s new album is called “The Powerless Rise” and releases on May 11, 2010! It is their 5th studio album following their previous release, “An Ocean Between Us” which debuted in 2007.

Their other previous studio albums include: “Shadows Are Security”, “Frail Words Collapse” and “Beneath the Encasing of Ashes”. They also recently released a documentary/live DVD entitled “This Is Who We Are” last year.

As I Lay Dying The Powerless Rise pre-order bundles

Although As I Lay Dying isn’t my favorite band and may not even make my top 5, they ARE an awesome band and I own all of their albums except the first one. I also bought Shadows Are Security when it released and pre-ordered An Ocean Between Us, and thus I plan on pre-ordering “The Powerless Rise” as well. Since I believe in supporting your favorite Christian bands with your hard-earned cash to keep the Christian message and influence in the musical world alive and reward them.

There are several As I Lay Dying The Powerless Rise pre-order bundles available to purchase now (better get it done early before they sell out), they include several different packages of bundles and include various t-shirts, posters, and music options. As you can see in the picture above.

Here is a video of lead singer Tim Lambesis announcing “The Powerless Rise” at his secular label “Metal Blade Records”.

Man is this a great year for Christian metal or WHAT!? Already we have had new albums from Living Sacrifice (The Infinite Order) and Demon Hunter (The World is A Thorn). And now new albums from The Showdown (Blood in the Gears), Haste the Day (Attack of the Wolf King) and As I Lay Dying (The Powerless Rise). And lets not forget Flyleaf’s Memento Mori which was released in November last year.


Dreamer Haste the Day digital exclusive artwork cover
Haste the Day has announced their 5th studio album as “Attack of the Wolf King” and it will be released THIS summer!

The album is the follow-up to their last album “Dreamer” released in 2008 (a “digital exclusive” version of the album has also just been released online. Only available in digital form, it includes acoustic versions of An Adult Tree and Haunting but is a double-dip and full priced at $10).

Previous albums include: “Burning Bridges” (2004), “When Everything Falls” (2005), and “Pressure the Hinges” (2007).

Dreamer is my favorite album from them by far and is a metalcore album that is both heavy and melodic with some very catchy, singable choruses in all their songs. Personally it took me FOREVER to really get into Haste the Day after seeing them in concert TWICE and took me about five full listens of Dreamer before I really got into it. Now I love it though. Still need to go back to their previous material and really try and get into it and learn the songs. I know a lot of people like their earlier stuff better, but I prefer the new(er) singer myself. But Dreamer is a great album, no clear reason why i didn’t like it at first. Befuddles me.

I’m intrigued by the name of this new album although I think it is somewhat lame. Although I thought the same of Demon Hunter’s new album, “The World Is A Thorn” but now I love the name. So it’s grown on me and hopefully this one will too.

Here is a taste of Haste the Day if you haven’t heard them before.

Invoke Reform from Dreamer by Haste the Day


The Showdown 2010 current band members line-up
The Showdown has announced their fourth studio album as “Blood in the Gears”. I don’t know about you, but that is one heck of a cool name. And it fits in perfectly with The Showdown’s rough, tough and rowdy sound and image and I am sure it will be nothing short of insanely awesome.

Previous to this album The Showdown did their albums “BackBreaker” in 2008, “Temptation Come My Way” in 2007 and “A Chorus of Obliteration” in 2004.

The musical path that The Showdown has taken thus far has been pretty interesting. Chorus of Obliteration was a death metal album with low, deep growls with production values that leave something to be desired nowadays. But for Temptation The Showdown took an 80’s metal inspired turn with awesome solos, catchy chorus’ and few growls, with the vast majority of vocals being sung instead of screamed. Regardless this album was as heavy and brutal as they come and pure metal, while also having absolutely phenomenal production values with songs that are as tight as can be.

BackBreaker Showdown album cover
Then you reach BackBreaker, their newest album which was in many ways like a mix of the two before it. Although it brought them back to mostly growled vocals and a more heavier, brutal sound but also didn’t shy away from singing or “slower” songs (slower for The Showdown anyway in songs like “One Foot In Hell” and “The Hellhound Awaits”). Overall I like BackBreaker and Temptation Come My Way equally and love every song on both albums (practically). And the slow song (slowest they’ve ever done) from A Chorus of Obliteration (which was re-released in 2006) called “Laid to Rest” is one of my favorite songs of all time.

If you’ve never heard The Showdown I’ll post a few youtube videos of some of their best songs from each album for your listening pleasure! Eventually I hope to have lyrics for all their albums posted. Also note that the youtube videos aren’t the greatest quality. So I HIGHLY recommend that you purchase these albums if you like what you hear. You will NOT be disappointed. Also the lyrics are amazing.

The Showdown easily makes my top five favorite bands and I like nearly every song from them so I am literally counting down the days until the release of Blood in the Gears this summer 2010! In my humble opinion The Showdown is easily one of the top 5 Christian metal/rock bands and rock harder than any secular band out there.

Laid to Rest from A Chorus of Obliteration

Carry On Wayward Son (Kansas Cover) from Temptation Come My Way

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Iconic video games blogger t-shirt featuring ICO!
Want a cool videogame t-shirt? Then check out the Video Games Blogger T-shirt store where you can get some extremely cool shirts.

While my boss is the one who designed them all, I think they are extremely clever. Some of them, like the ICO shirt are even beautiful!

The ICO Video Games Blogger shirt even GLOWS IN THE DARK!
We have a lot of variety with videogame shirts inspired by Final Fantasy VII, the aforementioned ICO, Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Duck Hunt, Atari/Arcade and many new designs about to hit the store shelf. Those incoming designs feature the likes of Super Mario Bros., Zelda, Yoshi’s Island, Metroid and much more. So keep checking back and I hope my plug will help a few more videogame fans show their love for the hobby. 🙂

Oh and by the way, as you can see that beautiful ICO t-shirt that I mentioned above even GLOWS IN THE DARK!!!!!!!!!! I could not believe it when I saw it. And that the artist herself was able to do such an absolutely gorgeous work of art is amazing. If you don’t own that shirt yet, you owe it to yourself to get it. Or send it to one of your female friends, they are guaranteed to love it!


Skillet band photo Awake and Alive
Skillet have released a new music video for Awake & Alive off of their 8th studio album “Awake”.

The two-time Grammy-nominated band (for the albums Collide and Comatose) rock as hard as anybody and are mainstream huge, selling out all over the place, headlining festivals, getting TV spots in commercials, sports, wrestling, etc. and playing both Christian and secular venues of all types and getting airplay on both Christian and secular rock radio stations. Skillet have truly conquered in the world of music.

Their newest music video focuses on the band themselves playing live while also showing tons of behind-the-scenes footage of the band while the music plays. Since the band is made up of two girls and two guys (girl drummer and girl guitarist, lead singer on bass), it is awesome to see them interacting and playing around. And their drummer is EXTREMELY cute. Check out the official Skillet Awake and Alive music video.

Thanks to for debuting the music video!


Becoming the Archetype How Great Thou Art lyrics
Looking for How Great Thou Art lyrics from Becoming the Archetype’s Dichotomy album? Below I will list my lyrics for the song (which is also called “The Hymn” as printed in the CD booklet).

I’ll also include a video of the actual song so you can sample it for yourself at the end.

How Great Thou Art is one of my favorite songs on the album simply because it is a PURE worship song. I have a deep well of utter respect for any metal band that covers a worship song. And while this song COULD have been better in my humble opinion, it is still an awesome song. I love the acoustic guitar intro as well, it’s beautiful. Although sadly they do not sing all of the lyrics from the Hymn. I wish they’d release an extended version where they did. But check it out!

How Great Thou Art Becoming the Archetype lyrics

Oh Lord my God!
Consider all . . .
The worlds
Thy hands have made

I see the stars!
Thy power throughout the universe displayed

And when I think . . .
That God His Son not SPARING

Sent Him to die . . .
I SCARCE can take it in


And on that cross
He bled and died TO TAKE AWAY MY SIN

What joy

In humble adoration
And there proclaim
My God




Final Fantasy XIII cast artwork. Release date is March 9, 2010
March 9, 2010 will be a day to REMEMBER!

On this day, two of my favorite things ever are releasing: Final Fantasy and Demon Hunter! Specifically Final Fantasy XIII and Demon Hunter’s The World Is A Thorn!

The World is A Thorn is the name of Demon Hunter’s 5th studio album and the long-awaited follow-up to “Storm the Gates of Hell”. I couldn’t be more excited for an album than I am for the return of the Clark Bros. (or rather, Ryan Clark, since Don left. *sad face*) and I am beyond bursting at the seams to hear their new songs and see how their sound has evolved (I have refused to listen to any until I actually have the album in my hands!).

I know it will be different and I don’t know that I’ll be prepared, but new material from the kings of Christian metal is a time to headbang in the streets!

So be sure to have your copy pre-ordered to support these guys! As I’ve laid out already there are several The World Is A Thorn Demon Hunter pre-order bundles available for you to choose from and if you can’t get it there (as of this post you are already too late as they have SOLD OUT of every bundle!) you can always order via Amazon, Best Buy, iTunes, etc. So just be sure and GET SOME!

Demon Hunter V wallpaper. The World is A Thorn release date March 9, 2010

I must say though that I am somewhat anxious, as even though I absolutely LOVE Storm the Gates of Hell, there was a point when it first came out that I didn’t care for it as much as The Triptych (their third album) and it took me a while before I truly loved it. Now I like it as much if not MORE than Triptych!

Then we have FINAL FANTASY XIII! This is the latest game in the Final Fantasy series and the thirteenth core entry in the long-running series. I already have the European PS3 Limited Collector’s Edition from the UK pre-ordered thanks to my friend in the Netherlands who will be shipping it to me personally! That’s because the stores themselves don’t ship overseas, so I’m extremely lucky.

Unfortunately I don’t yet have a PS3 after selling mine last winter to help my brother pay his bills . . . But I really just wanted the collector’s edition for all the extras packed into it. Below is the official synopsis and features on the game as well as what is included in the UK Collector’s Edition that I already have ordered! Note that the U.S. doesn’t get a Collector’s Edition, so all you get for pre-ordering is a freakin’ digital strategy guide!

Before we get to the features in the game, check out this trailer to see what FFXIII is all about!

Also here is the English theme-song for the game (“My Hands” by Leona Lewis) which is wrapped up in an epic trailer.

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Does it really get any more beautiful, pretty and cute than Asian girls?


Case in point . . . watch this commercial with Olympian Ice Skater Yu Na Kim of South Korea . . .

I want one of my own!!!!!!!!!!!!


Evil Unseen. Becoming the Archetype 3D cover artwork
Looking for Evil Unseen lyrics from Becoming the Archetype’s Dichotomy album? Below I will list my lyrics for the song (which is also called “The Root” as printed in the CD booklet).

I’ll also include a video of the actual song so you can sample it for yourself at the end.

Evil Unseen is one of the coolest songs on the album. I love the entire mood and feel of the song and the lyrics are amazing, as always. But this song gets freakin’ BRUTAL after “Oh Heaven, break this cycle”. It’s so heavy it simply kills. I always have to crank the sound as high as I can get it for that part. :mrgreen:

Evil Unseen Becoming the Archetype Lyrics


There is a pattern of deception growing . . .
Feeding off of our IGNORANCE

Until we let go
Just take a leap of faith

So many times . . . We doom ourselves . . .
But the root is always

We exchange our faith
For rational thought
We trade our conscience . . .
For advanced reasoning

But there’s no love in thought!
Nothing that lasts in deduction

There’s no hope
In justifying wrong

JUST DEATH in rationalism

And science cannot explain me!

I will transcend death
This body will not contain me!

And science cannot explain me!

I will transcend death
This body will not contain me!

This evil . . .
Must be . . .
This pattern

It hijacks the mind
Distorts our perception
Perverting the truth ’til it’s gone . . . .

Until we let go . . .
Just take a leap of faith


Compromising faith will doom the generations
The cancer of mind-worship leaves the spirit to decay

Compromise your faith and doom your generation
The cancer of mind-worship will leave your spirit to decay


Mike Huckabee interviewed Shimon Peres, the President of Israel, for a 29 minute interview on his weekend Fox News show “Huckabee”.

Thankfully, online they posted the FULL interview which you can watch right here.

As a Christian and someone who likewise supports the Israeli people and their rights as a nation and people, I am always fascinated to hear from the government of Israel. It’s always interesting to hear what they think about the United States as well, and I thought Huckabee conducted an excellent interview.

Note that it can be somewhat hard to understand the President due to his accent, but he says some really amazing things.

One really profound quote from the interview: “It is hard for a lawful nation that cares about the innocent to fight a lawless enemy willing to kill anyone.”

Like with President Bush, it is hard for me to understand how anyone can be so negative towards a person based on this interview. Everything he says is right on and interesting, and you can tell that he really cares (like most of America does) for the people of Palestine and the people of Iran and wants what it is best for them. All in all, an enlightening interview! Glad to see Huckabee interviewing him and I hope he does more interviews like this. :mrgreen: