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Awake and Alive music video from Skillet!

Skillet band photo Awake and Alive
Skillet have released a new music video for Awake & Alive off of their 8th studio album “Awake”.

The two-time Grammy-nominated band (for the albums Collide and Comatose) rock as hard as anybody and are mainstream huge, selling out all over the place, headlining festivals, getting TV spots in commercials, sports, wrestling, etc. and playing both Christian and secular venues of all types and getting airplay on both Christian and secular rock radio stations. Skillet have truly conquered in the world of music.

Their newest music video focuses on the band themselves playing live while also showing tons of behind-the-scenes footage of the band while the music plays. Since the band is made up of two girls and two guys (girl drummer and girl guitarist, lead singer on bass), it is awesome to see them interacting and playing around. And their drummer is EXTREMELY cute. Check out the official Skillet Awake and Alive music video.

Thanks to for debuting the music video!


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