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Attack Of The Wolf King is new Haste the Day album title

Dreamer Haste the Day digital exclusive artwork cover
Haste the Day has announced their 5th studio album as “Attack of the Wolf King” and it will be released THIS summer!

The album is the follow-up to their last album “Dreamer” released in 2008 (a “digital exclusive” version of the album has also just been released online. Only available in digital form, it includes acoustic versions of An Adult Tree and Haunting but is a double-dip and full priced at $10).

Previous albums include: “Burning Bridges” (2004), “When Everything Falls” (2005), and “Pressure the Hinges” (2007).

Dreamer is my favorite album from them by far and is a metalcore album that is both heavy and melodic with some very catchy, singable choruses in all their songs. Personally it took me FOREVER to really get into Haste the Day after seeing them in concert TWICE and took me about five full listens of Dreamer before I really got into it. Now I love it though. Still need to go back to their previous material and really try and get into it and learn the songs. I know a lot of people like their earlier stuff better, but I prefer the new(er) singer myself. But Dreamer is a great album, no clear reason why i didn’t like it at first. Befuddles me.

I’m intrigued by the name of this new album although I think it is somewhat lame. Although I thought the same of Demon Hunter’s new album, “The World Is A Thorn” but now I love the name. So it’s grown on me and hopefully this one will too.

Here is a taste of Haste the Day if you haven’t heard them before.

Invoke Reform from Dreamer by Haste the Day


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