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Blood in the Gears is new Showdown album title!

The Showdown 2010 current band members line-up
The Showdown has announced their fourth studio album as “Blood in the Gears”. I don’t know about you, but that is one heck of a cool name. And it fits in perfectly with The Showdown’s rough, tough and rowdy sound and image and I am sure it will be nothing short of insanely awesome.

Previous to this album The Showdown did their albums “BackBreaker” in 2008, “Temptation Come My Way” in 2007 and “A Chorus of Obliteration” in 2004.

The musical path that The Showdown has taken thus far has been pretty interesting. Chorus of Obliteration was a death metal album with low, deep growls with production values that leave something to be desired nowadays. But for Temptation The Showdown took an 80’s metal inspired turn with awesome solos, catchy chorus’ and few growls, with the vast majority of vocals being sung instead of screamed. Regardless this album was as heavy and brutal as they come and pure metal, while also having absolutely phenomenal production values with songs that are as tight as can be.

BackBreaker Showdown album cover
Then you reach BackBreaker, their newest album which was in many ways like a mix of the two before it. Although it brought them back to mostly growled vocals and a more heavier, brutal sound but also didn’t shy away from singing or “slower” songs (slower for The Showdown anyway in songs like “One Foot In Hell” and “The Hellhound Awaits”). Overall I like BackBreaker and Temptation Come My Way equally and love every song on both albums (practically). And the slow song (slowest they’ve ever done) from A Chorus of Obliteration (which was re-released in 2006) called “Laid to Rest” is one of my favorite songs of all time.

If you’ve never heard The Showdown I’ll post a few youtube videos of some of their best songs from each album for your listening pleasure! Eventually I hope to have lyrics for all their albums posted. Also note that the youtube videos aren’t the greatest quality. So I HIGHLY recommend that you purchase these albums if you like what you hear. You will NOT be disappointed. Also the lyrics are amazing.

The Showdown easily makes my top five favorite bands and I like nearly every song from them so I am literally counting down the days until the release of Blood in the Gears this summer 2010! In my humble opinion The Showdown is easily one of the top 5 Christian metal/rock bands and rock harder than any secular band out there.

Laid to Rest from A Chorus of Obliteration

Carry On Wayward Son (Kansas Cover) from Temptation Come My Way

Fanatics and Whores Live from Temptation Come My Way

Fanatics and Whores Studio from Temptation Come My Way

BackBreaker music video

[Aphrodite] The Disillusionaire from BackBreaker

[Cerberus] The Hellhound Awaits from BackBreaker

Also, it can’t be embeded sadly but check out the Temptation Come My Way music video from The Showdown.


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